Organ Donation Awareness

Raising organ donation awareness and consideration for people of all ages:

Organ donation can turn tragedy into triumph and sorrow and loss into a gift of life and opportunity for others. NoahStrong is committed to enhancing more lives of Ontarians waiting for life saving transplants by advocating for organ and tissue donation consent.

The Gift of 8 campaign recognizes that one organ donor can possibly save up to eight lives and enhance the lives of 75 others through tissue donation. Noah’s organ donation gave hope and health to seven individuals and their families. Because of his caring and compassionate nature, Noah lives on. His story of selflessness and courage inspires needed conversations and action around organ donation and registry. You can check your status and register consent to be an organ donor by clicking on Noah’s personal campaign page. It just takes two minutes and you could one day help to saves lives, just like Noah did.”

Partnering with the Trillium Gift of Life Network and the Be A Donor campaign